Lessons learned

A number of past activites have had undersirable long-term negative impacts on parts of the Kosrae coast. This section outlines some of these activities, the problems that resulted and the lessons that have been learnt, with the aim of avoiding similar activities, and associated impacts in the future.

This section will be expanded to include more case studies in due course.

003sArtificial drainage channel at Pilyuul, Walung

Creating artificial drainage channels to aid the drainage from rivers or wetland areas on Kosrae rarely improves drainage of freshwater and is likely to have significant long term impacts on the surrounding sections of the coast.

Erosion at the Sandy Beach HotelSandy-Beach-28-Dec-99a

Building seawalls along many parts of the coastline of Kosrae has the potential to exacerbate erosion on adjacent sections of the coast. In many cases this then leads to larger and longer defences being built, which in turn leads to further or larger impacts.

Sand-mining6Removing sand and cobbles from the beach and reef

Probably the most significant factor contributing to the coastal erosion problems being experienced around Kosrae today, has been the removal of large amounts of coral rubble from the reef flat and sand from the shoreline for development projects.