High tides: January 2014

  • Wave overwashing at high tide of the beach at Mosral (31 January 2014).

The December to February period is always a time of higher (King) tides on Kosrae. However, during the period between December 2013 to February 2014 sea levels in the region around Kosrae were around 4 inches higher than normal, pushing the already high tide levels up even further.

The largest tides occurred between Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th December, Tuesday 31st December to Saturday 4th January, around Friday 17th January, from Wednesday 29 January to Sunday 02 February, and from the 28th February. The highest high tide levels in early and late January were over seven and a half feet.

However, only some minor flooding and damage was experienced as wave conditions coinciding with the high tides were relatively modest. If wave conditions had been greater, more significant wave overwashing and flooding would have occurred, particularly along the Malem coastline, and damage to the road where it is exposed, for example at Mosral, Pal and Leyot, may have occurred.